blessed we are


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hi Peia,

still (see our email dialogue below) I love =
your song ‚Blessed we are‘ ( ) very =
much and I would like to ask for your permission to record it here with =
a friend and his small Bhajan-choir and put it on (non-commercial =
If not possible I want to ask, whether I can put your song =
(sung by you) on the non-commercial platform as you do it on (it says there that the song was =
released May 22, 2013)
Both would be beautiful.
All the best
(we spoke some words on =
your beautiful workshop here in Berlin in the summer)


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Von: Alexander von Hohenthal <>
Betreff: Wtr: rights
Datum: 28. Juli 2018 um 22:57:48 MESZ

hi Peia,

thanks for your email! my friend with whom I would like to =
record the song is Gerhard Nottbeck, you can hear his voice and some =
songs on he is not a professional singer =
and sings not for commercial reasons. we would like to record it with =
maybe 15 – 20 singers here from the region (we normally sing Bhajans, =
also not for commercial reasons). thats about it. if you would be a =
german, professional musician you would be listed in the =E2=80=9AGema=E2=80=
=98, an association to collect royalties for german copyright-owners. we =
would cover your song and then pay a fee for non-commercial use on our =
website (we are just building up this =
website; the idea is to give free access to spiritual songs from =
Westerners; its only for private use and non-commercial). this would be =
the routine. for you are an American copyright-owner i=E2=80=98m not =
sure how it works. first: it only works when you agree. second: we can =
pay a fee for the rights in the =E2=80=9Anormal=E2=80=98 range (use for =
non-commercial, online-rights, only private use).
so, if you could support =
the website it would be =

i didnt dare to ask for your (beautiful) original song, =
because i thought you want to use that commerial. on the other hand i =
can stream it for free on…

so it would be beautiful =
if we could do something with your very nice song.

in addition: maybe you have other spiritual songs, which are =
not mainly for commercial use and which you could make streamable on

Annie Londos from Arizona =
is a friend of mine, she just married here in Germany. i think she said =
that she knows you, but in the moment i=E2=80=98m not sure about =

right now i=E2=80=98m walking the =E2=80=9ACamino=E2=80=98 in =
Spain but we will be back in Berlin of August. I booked 3 tickets for your workshop in =
all =
the best

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Von: Luna Marcus =
Datum: 28. Juli 2018 um 20:04:49 MESZ
Betreff: Aw:=E2=81=A8 rights=E2=81=A9

Hi Alex, yes I=E2=80=99ve written this song and therefore own =
the rights to it. Could you please explain a little bit more about what =
this recording is or send some links to the choir that you=E2=80=99re =
speaking about? Thus far I=E2=80=99ve asked other musicians not to =
record the song because it still quite a recent recording of mine.